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Alcohol – Do We Need It To Have A Good Time?

Alcohol - Do We Need It To Have A Good Time?The discussion about alcohol is a topic that always seems to end up in a heated debate. While the answer is still not clear and alcoholic beverage manufactures are making billions off of a belief that has been instilled into the human race that makes us believe that the consumption of alcoholic beverages makes us happier. Can this be a true chemical reaction in the body that is caused by such beverages or is it the neuro association that has been planted in our minds from television, movies and the false beliefs that we have. Can you have an equally good time without drinking as when you do drink? Why do people drink when they are sad while others drink while they are happy. Does it increase these feelings or reverse them? Many believe that alcohol is a stimulant and that it makes you happy and have more energy, how else can you stay up all night while drinking it? While others say alcohol is a depressant that it makes you slow down and become drowsy. Let's hear your thoughts and feelings on this subject.  

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