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Mortal Kombat – Scorpion’s Need for Love & Connection

Mortal Kombat - Scorpion's Need for Love & Connection Am I the only one that believes scorpion in Mortal Kombat has a deep need for human connection? So I was playing mortal kombat with my friends yesterday. I noticed something truly exceptional about Scorpion while I used Scorpion's signature move. You know the move where he pulls you over to him with his chain spear while saying "get over here"? Hahah yes this is the move that communicates something that is very insightful to what all humans crave but many people are not as straightforward as Mr. Scorpion. Scorpion communicates human connection. Let's break this down. Scorpion throws out a spear head that is attached to a chain straight to his opponents heart and pulls them very close to him while saying "get over here". Many people would see this as an act of violence, but Scorpion is really communicating that he is not afraid of closing the distance with people he wants to connect with. He slices through all the made up barriers that some people think are in front of creating a human connection by throwing his spear straight in their heart. This shows that he connects straight to people's hearts and pulls them closer so they can experience a honest human connection with him. Once close, he expresses himself in the only way he knows how... which is through martial arts. Whether it be a uppercut, elbow, foot or fist; scorpion expresses himself honestly to his opponents. Again this can seem barbaric to the untrained eye but when closely inspected, more is revealed. While Scorpion's chain spear is extended we can clearly read "Human connection" engraved on one of the links. When scorpion says "Get over here" very loudly for his players to hear, we are missing the whole message. What does he say to his opponents when he pulls them close? If we were his opponent, we might hear this instead: "Get over here.....and give me a bear hug". When his opponents deny the bear hug, Scorpion gets his feelings hurt and whispers "If I can't have you no one will" before uppercutting them across the arena. Mortal Kombat - Scorpion's Need for Love & Connection If we zoomed in a million times and looked closely at Scorpion's knuckles we would probably see the words tattooed love or appreciation. While the opponent is flying through the air, they totally understand scorpions need to connect. They might not have thought it was going to hurt as much, but as the saying goes "love hurts". It has been proven that human connection is really important to humans health. We are social creatures that need connection with each other. If I were to take a shot in the dark, I'd say that scorpion's main purpose in life is to improve others by showing them how to honestly connect with and express each other. Thankfully there is other ways to connect with others like playing laser tag! It's all of the fun and none of the pain. I'll bet scorpion would want to play laser tag if allowed by his game developers . Go out there and honestly connect with others, it's what makes us human! Get out there and tell your friends to "Get over Here"! Mortal Kombat - Scorpion's Need for Love & Connection