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Fitness on a Whole New Level!

Best Fitness Boot Camp Workout Ever

Forget the routine of the gym doing what everybody else is doing, breathing filtered air and watching tv or listening to music to pass the time. To really engage your mind and body you need to do something that your mind is not expecting as well as your body. This new form of fitness may come as a surprise. It's called Tactical Laser Tag, its a combination between airsoft, paintball and traditional indoor laser tag that we played as kids. This game includes military style laser guns as well as instructors that will put you through different missions that will have you moving, shooting and ducking while trying not to get tagged out so you can help your team accomplish the mission at hand. Talk about an adrenaline rush, you won't even know you are working out till the game ends. Tactical Laser Tag Fitness Boot Camp Military Workout Tactical Laser Tag is great for all fitness levels and is easily understood by all. The best part is that abilities can be changed because it's an electronic game so handicapping is available. While this seems like a fairly new sport Laser Tag has actually been around since the early 80's and Tactical Laser Tag or Outdoor Laser Tag has been around for about 10 years. The game is evolving quickly and becoming the go to sport for a generation that is getting sick and tired of being controlled by the Matrix. If you get a chance get your friends together find a location near you to play and have fun. You will not regret it.


Infinite happiness? Is that possible? Yes with a happiness generator it is! What is a happiness generator you ask? It is an activity that creates happiness for people consistently and continuously. Seeing how happiness is pretty important to all humans, everyone needs a happiness generator in their life. Equinox Laser Tag has been creating happinessContinue Reading

Laser Tag San Diego

Equinox Laser Tag San Diego is know for their very creative and immersive laser tag experiences. It’s what they call Live Action Gaming. Equinox Laser Tag has the ability to bring the laser tag experience to you. They can set up a game just about anywhere, daytime, nighttime, indoors and outdoors. Their equipment can workContinue Reading