We Have A True Passion For Bringing People Together And Creating Personal Experiences That Will Last A Lifetime


Infinite happiness? Is that possible? Yes with a happiness generator it is! What is a happiness generator you ask? It is an activity that creates happiness for people consistently and continuously. Seeing how happiness is pretty important to all humans, everyone needs a happiness generator in their life. Equinox Laser Tag has been creating happiness for kids and adults the last 4 years with fun experiences! happiness wordle The four main reasons why Equinox Laser Tag is so fun: 1) Equinox Laser Tag connects people to play together Humans are social creatures that crave some form of connection. When you are playing tactical laser tag, your communicating with your team and working together to complete an objective. When the match is over, you officially have bragging rights about your victory! Just be ready for the next round or you might be giving the other team bragging rights! Sharing a fun experience with your loved one's and coworkers can be remembered and appreciated for a long time. 2) Tactical Laser Tag exercises the mind and body AT THE SAME TIME! Humans need to exercise their bodies and minds regularly to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle. In tactical laser tag, it forces you to think, plan, and strategize to win the game. This serves as a mental workout, which helps keep your brain in shape. Tactical laser tag also keeps the body in shape. The games require people to run around the arena and use the 5 L's of Laser Tag: Lean, lay, lie, leap, and laugh! Summer-happiness-photo 3) Making the Day We have a huge passion for improving people's lives through laser tag. One of our team's daily practices is "Make their day". Our team accomplishes this by surprising our guests with funny songs, magic tricks, yo-yo tricks, gifts, or upgrades in packages. We do our best to connect to each of our guests and adapt the experience to their individual needs. 4) It's just plain awesome to tag people with lasers! Does this need anymore explaining? Just holding a tagger and unleashing a spray of lasers at your friends is so cool. The perfect opportunity to get revenge! “This is for all those times you gave me Pepsi to drink instead of Coke!” Next time you would like to share happiness with your friends, family, co-workers, and loved one's, invite Equinox Laser Tag to celebrate with you! Let's create a happy life. Have a laser tagilicious day!

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  1. These are some pretty big shoes to fill. OF course, if you believe in what you do, it’ll be so much easier to make it real!

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