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Kids Game Options

Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Freeze Tag

This simple game involves freeze tag and laser combat. When a player is tagged out he must freeze until one of his own teammates tags him so he can run back to the re-spawn point. If the opposite team tags the frozen player they are eliminated from the game. The last team standing will be victorious.

Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Team Elimination

Two teams and a unlimited number of lives must work together to tag out the other team to be victorious. This is your classic Red team vs Blue team.


Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Free For All

This game is everybody against everybody. Private alliances can be formed, but be careful your teammate may turn on you. This game is fun since you are tagging anything that moves.


Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Hostage Rescue

One team is holding a hostage that must be rescued. The hostage can't be tagged out by their captors, but they can accidentally be tagged out by their rescuers so be careful! This is a planned out strategic game where communication is key!


Equinox Laser Tag - Kids VIP Escort

 One team protects the VIP and has to move them to a secret location or keep them alive for a designated time to win. This game is usually played as a single elimination game.


Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Zombie Apocalypse

Humans versus the Zombies. The only problem is these are high functioning Zombies. They have the ability to shoot back. It’s the Humans job to keep this Zombie population at bay. The Zombie team has the ability to re-spawn, but very time you lose one of your own the Zombie team will increase by one. Will you be the last one standing or will you become one of the undead?


Equinox Laser Tag - Kids Capture The Flag

Plays just like the traditional game where your team must capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base. The trick is you have to do it without getting tagged out. The winning team is the one that captures the other team’s flag