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Equinox’s team building and leadership development training is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  We immerse your team into an environment that demands leadership, communication, teamwork and the unique ability to adapt to changing situations to succeed.  The sounds, the excitement and the action are amazing. It's All the Fun with None of the Pain!  Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

Are You Game?

Greg Reid's Secret Knock Event - Leadership Development
Greg Reid's Secret Knock Team Building Event

Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag - Experience one of the most unique and fastest growing sports in the world. A truly interactive, exciting, thrilling and fun activity. It's a cross between paintball/airsoft and laser tag with all of the options of a video game. Outdoor Laser Tag equipment is modeled after the Military M.I.L.E.S gear. It's all electronic and has no projectiles. We can emulate any firearm that we want, including magazine size, firing rate, reload time, damage and life. We can even add body armor. Tactical Laser Tag is used for corporate leadership development due to the dynamics of being a strategic team based game. Communication and teamwork are keys to success in this fast paced and adrenaline filled game.

Qualcomm Team Building Event - Leadership Development
Qualcomm Leadership Development Event

Game 1 - Team Elimination

This game is played with two teams running fully automatic weapons, unlimited ammo, 5 lives, 10 hits to kill and 30 second re-spawns. This is our most popular game and is a great way to get use to your weapon.

Game 2 - Domination

Two Teams battling to score as much time on the clock by changing the domination cylinder to your team color and securing it for as long as possible. Each team has unlimited lives and unlimited ammo. This game involves a lot of communication and teamwork. It takes 4 hits to eliminate players and send them running back to the re-spawn point. This is a crowd favorite!!!

Game 3 - Intel Extraction

This will be the funnest team based game you will ever play! Two teams, 20 minutes, two computer stations one at each base, different weapon classes, limited ammo, one life, 4 hits to elimination, 2 minute bleed out time, medics and extra ammo cans. Get the intel from the other teams base and get it back to your base without being tagged out! Teamwork and communication will be put to the test as well as your skills.

Game 4 - Free For All

This game is everybody against everybody. 20 minutes of run and tag. Choose your tactics, go solo or form alliances with other players, but watch out they just may turn on you! Unlimited Ammo, 30 Second Re-Spawn with Unlimited Lives & Suppressed MP-5's.

Leadership Development
Corporate Team Building Event - Dana Resort San Diego

The Objective:

Working together to achieve a common goal and making sure no player gets left behind. The hard part, the other team has the same objective.

The Teams:

There are two teams of 6 or more with the ideal number being 13 per team. Each team must assign a Commander, 2 Leaders,  a Sniper, a Light Machine Gunner and a Medic. The rest of the team will be equipped with SMG’s (Sub Machine Guns)

Ammo Box:

Each base has a ammo box which will give each player an additional 4 magazines of ammunition. This can only be accessed once. Additional ammunition can be obtained from the other teams ammo box.

The Medic:

Each team assigns their own Medic. The Medic has the ability to heal any downed player as long as they get to that player in 2 minutes. If the medic fails to reach the player in 2 minutes than the player is out of the game. The Medic can heal each player and himself one time. The healing process only brings your life up 50% due to your prior injuries.

The Load Out:

Sniper ~ Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Single Shot x4, 2 Second Reload, Damage 100% Light Machine Gunner ~ LMG, 100 round magazine x4, 5 Second Reload, Damage 25% Sub Machine Gun ~ SMG, 30 round magazine x4, 3 second Reload, Damage 25%

Intel Box:

The intel box is electronic and once it’s captured a sound is made and the intel carrier will emit a continuous flash noting that they have the critical information. Once the intel is returned to the base a siren will sound noting the completion of one of the objectives.

The Challenge:

Keep your team alive. All games are based on strategy and communication. Each team must work together to achieve the objective. Clear plans must be made and communicated with understanding to the other players on your team. The dynamics of the game will change as it progresses and leadership will be put to the test in a semi stressful environment. The ability to make decisions will be challenged as the team heads toward victory or slowly falls into defeat.

The Reality:

There is no leadership development experience that can hone leadership, communication and team building skills as effectively and as fun as Equinox’s Tactical Combat Simulation Games.

The Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team - Leadership Development
The Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team
Team Equinox Spartan Race - Leadership Development
Team Equinox Competing in the World Famous Spartan Race

The Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team Competes together in the world famous

Spartan Race to keep their edge as Team Building Specialists.

Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team - Leadership Development - Spartan Race
The Equinox Tactical Team -Spartan Race