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Our Story

Our Story

The Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team

People often ask us how we put so much passion into our events.

Brad loved playing laser tag as a kid and as he grew up and had kids of his own the love for this socially interactive game has not faded. Brad started buying Laser Tag Guns off of eBay so he could host large outdoor laser tag battles for his kids, their friends and their parents. Everybody laughed and had so much fun together. Parents would say this was the first time they had really played with their kids like this. With a collection of 36 Laser Tag Guns Brad wondered if there was a way to do what he was doing on a larger scale to bring what has created so much fun with his friends and family to the world.

Our Story Brad researched and found a couple of manufactures of commercial outdoor laser tag gear. After a year of planning and tireless trying to convince his wife that this would be a worthwhile venture he was given her blessing. Using his life savings Brad put everything into what he believes is an amazing way to bring people together to play.

Equinox Laser Tag was started from a passion for the game of laser tag. A game that has stood the test of time and is still going strong after 30 years. With the rise in popularity of paintball and airsoft, laser tag started taking on a new form known today as Outdoor or Tactical Laser Tag due to the mission type games that are played.

Our Story We love bringing people from every walk of life and every age together to play. We are constantly evolving to meet the emotional needs of our Clients while at the same time providing value that can’t be obtained any other way. The teen and adult sector is the largest growing portion of our business. We are finding that teens and adults are more stressed now that anytime in history with depression and violent crimes on the rise. Play is the answer that has been proven to cure a large array of negative emotions and conditions.

The Equinox Team is hand selected to ensure that our mission, vision and purpose are sustained and practiced daily in all of our operations. The Equinox Cast not only works together, we learn together, we exercise and train together and of course we play together. Equinox is a movement filled by individuals that believe in happiness, love and connection with people. You will feel our energy whenever we are around.

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