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Spartan Up in a Spartan Race To Help Your Team Reach Goals

Spartan Up in a Spartan Race To Help Your Team Reach Goals

Accomplish a Goal in Phalanx Formation

Equinox Tactical Spartan Race Who has seen the movie 300? If you have seen it, chances are you know what a phalanx is. It's a formation Spartans used when fighting. It requires them to build a shield wall where they can protect the man to the left and right from waist to thigh. In simple terms it is like building a impenetrable tank out of people. Teamwork is the force that holds this tank together. Guess what? This phalanx can still be used to accomplish goals. All you need is a shield, spear, sword, and 300 people, to be buff and have painted abs. Hahah no just kidding. What do you need to form a modern day phalanx? How can it help you accomplish your goals? Let me tell you a quick story to show you. "Squish, squash, squishy, squishy, splash, plop, squish " This is the sound the mountains heard as hundreds of footsteps pressed in the mud eager to cross the finish line of the spartan race. "More traction to the right of the path " "Copy" the team shouts The steps bend around the bushes and continues up a near vertical hill "Help each other out " a voice boomed Freezing 30 mph rain pelted the 10 bodies as they slowly crawled up the hill The face of the mountain had been totally melted off by the rain and was now a big mess like chocolate ice cream after a 5 yr old played with it. Muscles contracted blood pulsating, hearts pounding. They were separate in body, together in commitment and conviction. A few team members slipped and started sliding down the mountain. They were quickly supported by thier teammates. "I got good traction, go ahead and push off of my hand" one teammate said as he acted as a stepping stone for his friend as she elevated herself. Once she had traction, she turn reached her hand out to pull him up. At the peak there was a injured stranger that couldn't stand on his leg. This was an unexpected obstacle but the team rose to the occasion and carried him to the nearest medical transport vehicle. Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team Spartan Race They continued their journey on the roller coaster of muddy mountains with 18 obstacles mixed in. They went over 7 ft walls, under barbed wire, swung from monkey bars. They carried concrete balls, pulled heavy sandbags, climbed a rope but one of the greatest obstacles was the weather. The windchill tested the team as they waited for some of their teammates to finish obstacles. The team overcame it by huddling together sharing body heat. There was some fear and doubt in a few of the teammates on some of the obstacles, but it started becoming apparent that they had the teamwork and strength to get through anything that was to come. Every step of the way, they stuck together and helped each other past all obstacles. They shared each others pain,coldness, load, fears, and when that was all over, they shared in victory. All ten Spartans jumped over the burning fire finish line. The Equinox Tactical Team After the Spartan Race Team Equinox accomplished the spartan race on Sunday 1/31/16 and we used the modern day phalanx to do it. You can apply the phalanx formation to accomplish your goals too. Just go out there grab a goal, surround yourself with great people that can help you work toward it, and spartan kick the mountain of obstacles away together. Aroo Aroo Aroo!

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