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Speak the 5 love languages for Valentine’s day

Speak the 5 love languages for Valentine's day

Joe: "Hey Sarah, remember when you said I need to learn how to communicate my love better? Well I went ahead and learned how to say I love you in five languages!" "je t'aime" (french for I love you) "Te amo" (spanish for I love you) "Ti amo" (Italian for I love you) "ich liebe dich" (german for I love you) "jag älskar dig" (swedish for I love you) Sarah: "Joe that's not what I meant, try and understand me more next time." Joe sighs: "Back to the drawing board I guess." So it's almost valentine's day and you want to communicate with your loved one’s that you love them. Then you better learn 5 languages! Don't worry, I don't mean the  traditional languages. I'm talking about the 5 Love Languages. According to Gary Chapman, there are five ways people show their love and receive their love. 1)Gifts 2)Quality time 3)Words of affirmation 4)Acts of service (devotion) 5)Physical touch (intimacy). 5 Love Languages How to use these languages on valentine's day? People usually have two love languages they would prefer over the rest Let's say that your Wife's main two love languages are gifts and acts of service. You may want to surprise her by cleaning the house and buying a small gift for valentine's day. What if your boyfriend likes physical touch and words of affirmation?  You may want to give him a massage while explaining to him he's the best thing since sliced bread. Does your spouse wants quality time?Plan an activity together without any distractions. Put away that phone! Now that you know the love languages, go use them to communicate your love to your loved one’s! Happy Valentines Day! Chapman, Gary. "Understanding the Five Love Languages." Focus On The Family. Tyndale House Publishers, 2005. Web. 9 Feb. 2016.

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