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Tactical Laser Tag – Is it better than Indoor Laser Tag?

Tactical Laser Tag - Is it better than indoor laser tag? Which is better traditional indoor laser tag or outdoor tactical laser tag. This is a hard questions to answer since there are completely different games using the same technology. It's true that there are more indoor laser tag players, but outdoor tactical laser tag is growing fast. While many of the indoor player are casual players and not dedicated to the sport I can see many more players becoming members of the tactical laser tag version. Let's go over a few differences and similarities between the two systems. Fist we will start off with traditional indoor laser tag. The reason I say traditional is because indoor laser tag has been around for over 30 years where commercial outdoor laser tag has been around for only around 10, but it did originally start at the same time as indoor did with the home versions of Photon and Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag. These technically were outdoor systems that could be used indoors or out. indoor laser tag Indoor Laser Tag vs. Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag This is what most people think of when you say laser tag. Even though outdoor tactical laser tag uses the same IR technology it does not use the laser. They use red dot scopes or iron sights like on real firearms. There is also a major physical difference between the two most indoor equipment is made of polycarbonate and or plastic where most outdoor equipment is made of metal. We are starting to see more plastic outdoor gear being made to keep the price of manufacturing down to stay competitive. This also appeals to the younger players since they are the ones that are still having birthday parties. Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Tactical Laser Tag Seems to be attracting more than adults. Since kids are playing more combat style games on their game consoles they are being conditioned to crave a more mission based game which tactical laser tag is all about. The guns are heavy, they look, feel and sound cool. It's everything you want paintball to be without the pain. The missions are intense ranging from simple team death match all the way up to intel extraction games which has communication equipment, ammo cans, mines, medics, limited ammo and a very large diverse terrain. This is a game you can really get into. Now Tactical Laser Tag is moving indoors giving causal payers a chance to walk in in street clothes and participate in a combat mission with their girlfriend. This seems the be the way of the future. The blending of the two sports into a hybrid sport. While I don't think that the two will go away anytime soon and they both have an attraction factor in each of their areas, but I am excited to see what the future holds for the hybrid indoor combat laser tag.

2 Responses to Tactical Laser Tag – Is it better than Indoor Laser Tag?

  1. I believe they both serve a purpose, but I personally have to choose tactical laser tag. First of all, it’s more tactical and requires more strategy and thinking to win. It’s a lot like chess, except It’s with a team. You have to choose a strategy, implement it, and modify it based on your opponents moves. Tactical Laser Tag is also awesome because there are more in depth team oriented games. For example you can play search and destroy, capture the flag, bomb diffusion, Domination, juggernaut, and many more. The last reason to like Tactical Laser Tag better is that you have to. If you don’t like it, a squad of tactical laser taggers will show up at your door with their big scary metal taggers and “pew pew” you to death!

  2. I agree with Frank! I like tactical a little better for the team aspect. But both are equally great as their individual game play. For times when I just want to do whatever and pretty much go rogue and have no one to blame and no one to share the glory with I would want to be playing indoor and looking out for myself as the lone ranger.

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