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Tactical Laser Tag

The Equinox Tactical Laser Tag Team
Equinox Tactical Laser Tag US marine studio shot on black backgroundNow This is how the Big Kids Play Laser Tag! Get Off the Couch and put your Skillz to the Test!

Step into the fastest growing sport in the world! Tactical Laser Tag is a cross between Paintball and Laser Tag with a Full Metal Military twist. Equinox uses metal replica firearms, AK-47's, M-4's, MP5's & Mac 11's. These guns are all electronic, this means there are no projectiles so we can play anywhere!

We can adjust your Health, Damage, Rounds per Minute, Full Auto, Semi Auto, Burst, Armor, Halo Shields, Clip Size, # of Clips, Reload Time, Bleed Out Time and Number of Lives.

This game is Fast! Really Fast! Like 900,000,000 feet per second fast! That's 380,000 times faster than a bullet! You can't dodge that! Neo can't dodge that! And talk about range! Our gear will shoot over 1000' feet at night!

Step your game up to something really competitive, invite your girl to come play with you. That's right girls love Tactical Laser Tag! All the Fun and None of the Pain? Are you Kidding Me? They will love you for it!

Tactical Event I

You wallet will love you too. You don't have to buy ammo, air, or special protective gear. Forget the gym, this will be the funnest fitness program you have ever engaged in. Our Props Include:Equinox Tactical Laser Tag

  • Ammo Cans for gaining additional ammo.
  • Re-Spawn Points
  • Medic Boxes
  • Intel Boxes
  • Hostage Rescue Satchel
  • Code Breaker Computer
  • Bomb Prop
  • Domination Cube

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Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag - Experience one of the most unique and fastest growing sports in the world. A truly interactive, exciting, thrilling and fun activity. It's a cross between paintball and laser tag with all of the options of a video game. It's All the Fun with None of the Pain! This is a great intro game for new players as well as repeat players. The game play is easy to understand and there will be friendly event hosts there the entire time to explain how to play and to assist players as needed. Tactical Laser Tag is used for corporate team building due to the dynamics of being a strategic team based game. Communication and teamwork are keys to success in this fast paced and adrenaline filled game.

Team Elimination

This game is played with two teams battling it out with each other. This is a great intro game because you have unlimited ammo and unlimited lives.  This is our most popular game and is a great way to get use to your equipment.  

Intel Extraction

Equinox Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag 136 In this game each team has a Intel Box. The object of the game is to capture the opposite teams inte and get it back to your base without being tagged out. The first team to successfully capture the other teams intel wins. This is a game of strategy, communication and sometimes a little luck.  


Two Teams battling to score as much time on the clock by changing the domination point to your team color and securing it for as long as possible. Each team has unlimited lives and unlimited ammo. This game involves a lot of communication and teamwork. This is a crowd favorite!!!  

Free For All

This game is everybody against everybody. 20 minutes of run and gun. Choose your tactics, go solo or form alliances with other players, but watch out they just may turn on you! Unlimited Ammo, 30 Second Re-Spawn with Unlimited Lives , & Suppressed Weapons!  

VIP Escort

A game full of strategy and excitement. One team will be tasked with the mission of escorting the VIP to the extraction point located on their confidential map. The VIP can only be extracted once the helicopter arrives. The other teams mission is to take out the VIP before he reaches the extraction point at the pick up time. Each team will get a chance to escort the VIP to different extraction points.  

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Tactical Form

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Private Tactical Laser Tag Events To You!

We can bring the entire Tactical Laser Tag event to you, your time, your location. We will take care of everything else. Our tactical games include all of the advanced game props, Equinox Pro Series taggers and professional game hosts. All you have to do is provide the players and get ready for a memorable good time! We have three packages to choose from as a guideline, each one can be customized to fit your particular event.

The Bronze Star Tactical Event is designed for areas where we will be using the existing terrain where no additional bunkers are needed. The Silver and Gold Star Tactical Events are designed for an area where we need to build an arena on sight.

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