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Team Deathmatch II  Domination II Intel Extraction II Last Stand IIHostage Rescue IITactical Medic II  Snipers II Search & Destroy II Capture the Flag II  VIP Escort IIGenerals II Sudden Death II          

Equinox Juggernaut Tactical Laser Tag Game

Team Deathmatch

Two teams each working together to tag out as many of the opposite team as possible. This game can be customized to be a single-elimination or a multi-elimination game.



Two teams working to capture and hold an designated capture point for a designated amount of time. Equinox uses a electronic light up cube that needs to be shot to capture. When shot your team color will light up and a siren will go off. This is one of our most popular games.


Intel Extraction

Each team has a military case containing a computer that contains top secret information. The object is to get to the opposite teams computer and extract the intel and enter it into your computer before the other team does. Leadership, communication and teamwork will be put to the test in this game.


Last Stand

In this game one team has unlimited responds where the other team only has one life each. The object is to see how long your team can hold out before being completely eliminated. The roles will reverse and the team with the highest survival time will be the winner.


Hostage Rescue

One team will be holding a hostage. It's up to the opposite team to locate and extract the hostage without eliminating them.


Tactical Medic

This game is just like team deathmatch, but the catch is when a teammate gets tagged out he must drag himself to cover and call for their teams medic to be revived before they bleed out. If the medic gets tagged out he must wait till his gun automatically responds him back in then he can go back to reviving his teammates. The first team to disable all of the other teams players wins.



This is a game of stealth, accuracy and patience. Each player has a single shot bolt action rifle. It takes 2 hits to eliminate your opponent. After each shot you must reload which takes 1-2 seconds.


Search & Destroy

In this game one team is tasked with planting and arming a bomb. Once armed the bombing team must defend the bomb from being disarmed by the opposing team. If the bomb is defended till it detonates the bombing team wins. If the code is entered and the bomb is disarmed then the bombing team loses.


Capture The Flag

A flag is placed on each side of the field each team has the objective of stealing the other teams flag and getting it back to your base without getting tagged out. This is a single elimination game.


VIP Escort

One team is tasked with defending and moving a VIP from one part of the field to another for extraction. The opposing team must take out the VIP to win the game.



In this game each team has a General that they must defend. Either team loses once their general is killed.



It’s everyone against one Juggernaut. The Juggernaut is armed with a fully automatic machine gun and is heavily armored. The team trying to eliminate the Juggernaut are armed with light machine guns. It will take a lot of combined firepower to take the Jugg down. Do you have what it takes or will the Jugg Rule?


Sudden Death

Both teams battle for control of the center point. As the clock ticks down the team that has control of the cube when time runs out will be the winner.